Email vs social media: a mixed method research about affecting crowd level

Roger Bucci

Jordan Landberg

Jack Clifford

Zoe Lin

Damilola Bankole


Our research is on the university at Albany and how it uses email to notify students of events when it should be using social media. Our research shows that while most students find out about events such as sporting events, food events, showcases, etc. via email, not that many attend. Those who do attend more events however tend to find out about these events over social media. Our literature review shows that social media is a great way for exposing events. We used mixed methods to find this information which is useful because it allowed us to find more information and information on a deeper level. The results of our research was that universities should be using social media more to bring in a crowd. Participants responded to the surveys and interviews saying that they often do not see events on social media until after the event is over.


Social Media, marketing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Customers, Consumers, Universities, Colleges, Ualbany

Email vs social media: a ‎mixed method research ‎about affecting crowd ‎level