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Current courses

In fall 2018 I am teaching AMAT/TMAT 222 (Honors Linear Algebra) and AMAT 540A (Topology I).

The syllabus for AMAT/TMAT 222 is here.
Instructions on how to register for MyMathLab are here.
The midterm is tentatively scheduled for Friday October 26.

The syllabus for AMAT 540A is here.
The homework will collect here.

This semester, office hours are MWF 10:25-11:20am (my office is ES-136A).

Future courses

In spring 2019 I will be teaching AMAT 220 (Linear Algebra) and AMAT 540B (Topology II).

Past courses

In spring 2018 I taught AMAT/TMAT 218 (Honors Calculus of Several Variables) and AMAT 840 (Topics in Topology).

The syllabus for AMAT/TMAT 218 is here.

The topic for AMAT 840 was Geometric Group Theory, working from John Meier's book "Groups, Graphs, and Trees." The syllabus is here.
The homework is here.

In fall 2017 I taught AMAT/TMAT 119 (Honors Calculus 2). The syllabus is here.

A list of courses taught before coming to UAlbany in fall 2017 can be found in my CV, and past course materials are available upon request.