University at Albany, SUNY

College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Algebra/Topology Seminar

When and Where

Thursdays 1:15–2:35 in ES-143


Alex Tchernev, Marco Varisco, and Matt Zaremsky


Through a grant from the Simons Foundation (#419561, M. Varisco)

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Spring Semester 2018

February 1
Casey Donoven (Binghamton University, SUNY)
Subgroups and Supergroups of Thompson’s Group V
February 8
Haydee Lindo (Williams College)
Trace Modules, Rigidity, and Endomorphism Rings
February 15
Phillip Wesolek (Binghamton University, SUNY)
Tree Almost Automorphism Groups: Elements and Subgroups
February 22
Robert Thompson (Hunter College & Graduate Center, CUNY)
The Unstable Adams Spectral Sequence for Periodic Homology Theories
March 1
Yiqiang Li (University at Buffalo, SUNY)
Quiver Varieties and Symmetric Pairs
March 8
Vidit Nanda (University of Oxford, Institute for Advanced Study)
The Discrete Flow Category
March 15
no classes
March 22
Ben Knudsen (Harvard University)
Homology of Surface and Graph Braid Groups
March 29
Robert Kropholler (Tufts University)
April 5
April 12
April 19
Bernard Badzioch (University at Buffalo, SUNY)
April 26
Sarah Yeakel (University of Maryland)
May 3