Binghamton University, SUNYMath 222: Calculus II, Sections 4 & 5, Fall 2008


Marco Varisco, [how to email a professor]
Office: LN-2208A, Office Hours: MWF 3:30–4:30.


Section 4: MWF 1:10–2:10 and R 1:15–2:40, in LN-1120.
Section 5: MWF 2:20–3:20 and T 1:15–2:40, in LN-1120.


Math 221: Calculus I with a passing grade; however, a grade of C or better is strongly recommended.


James Stewart, “Single Variable Calculus”, Sixth Edition, Thomson Brooks/Cole.

Stewart Calculus
  • Chapter 7: Inverse Functions, Sections: 1, 2*, 3*, 4*, 5–6, 8.
  • Chapter 8: Techniques of Integration, Sections: 1–4, 7–8.
  • Chapter 12: Infinite Sequences and Series, Sections: 1–6, 8–11.
  • Chapter 9: Further Applications of Integration, Sections: 1–2.
  • Chapter 11: Parametric Equations and Polar Coordinates, Sections: 1–5.
  • Chapter 10: Differential Equations, Section: 3.


Please contact me as soon as possible if you cannot make one of the exams. Retroactive or last-minute requests for a make-up or of a reweighting of the examination grades will be ignored.


Do all the homework, and then some. Calculus is not a spectator sport!

“Students are expected to attend all scheduled classes [...]. [I]nstructors have the right to deny a student the privilege of taking the final examination or of receiving credit for the course, or may prescribe other academic penalties if the student misses more than 25 percent of the total class sessions. Excessive tardiness may count as absence.” [University Bulletin]

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