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Special Session on Geometric and Algebraic Topology

AMS 2011 Fall Eastern Sectional Meeting

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
September 10 and 11, 2011
[Hopf fibration]



Boris Goldfarb and Marco Varisco, University at Albany, SUNY. [e-mail]


fromto Saturday, September 10 Sunday, September 11
8:00 a.m.8:20 a.m. Arithmetic Groups: Dave Witte Morris
8:30 a.m.8:50 a.m. Bradley Forrest
9:00 a.m.9:20 a.m. Alexander Dranishnikov Steven Ferry
9:30 a.m.9:50 a.m.
10:00 a.m.10:20 a.m. Bernard Badzioch Patricia Cahn
10:30 a.m.10:50 a.m. Wojciech Dorabiala Rob Schneiderman
11:05 a.m.11:55 a.m. Invited Address: Katrin Wehrheim Invited Address: Nigel Higson
1:55 p.m.2:45 p.m. Invited Address: Mladen Bestvina
3:00 p.m.3:20 p.m. Arithmetic Groups: Kevin Wortman Boris Okun
3:30 p.m.3:50 p.m. Brenda Johnson
4:00 p.m.4:20 p.m. Courtney Morris Thatcher Mark Johnson
4:30 p.m.4:50 p.m. Jeremy Brazas
5:00 p.m.5:20 p.m. Ross Geoghegan
5:30 p.m.5:50 p.m.


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