Milne Alumni June Newsletter
June 15, 2009

by Judy Koblintz Madnick, '61

Dear Milne Alumni and Supporters,

In this issue:

* Please Report Broken Links
* Class of '48 "Mini-Reunion"
* Reunion Planning
* More "Memories"
* New Class Contact
* Facebook
* Ginnah Howard's Novel, Night Navigation


I made multiple updates to the coding of our website during the past month so that I can begin using new website-development software. I had been using a rather expensive application that is old and required updating, so I decided to choose a less-expensive program (for the obvious reason!!). Because I had to update many, many links, especially in the newsletters, I would appreciate your letting me know if you find any broken links. There may also be broken links to outside sites that were provided to me by alumni. Please report those also. Thanks for your help!


From Bob Abernethy, '48: "Last spring I was in Albany for a day and organized a mini-reunion for the class of 1948. We had a wonderful lunch together."

Front row:
Clayton Besch,
Bob Abernethy, and Jeanne Fausel Randles

Rear Row:
Ben Mendel and
Gordon Kilby.


See Reunion Planning page for updates regarding the Class of '54's 55th reunion and the Class of '64's 45th reunion! Please note that reunion-planning information will be removed from this page once the reunion has been held.


From an email written by Marge RUMSEY Budd, Class of 1949, in response to an email regarding a Saturday, July 11, Milne Class of 1949 reunion lunch:

How well I remember you, Margie and most of the others, from those by-gone, outstanding years at Milne ~ what wonderful memories I hold dear. I really loved that school and the young, enthusiastic student teachers, and the activities of the choir with Mr Roy York, Jr, the plays that were put on (Dan Westbrook, Pete and others), the concerts and great music like The Messiah, The Lord's Prayer, "Way down yonder, in the old corn field" with Dan singing base, indoor basketball games, the jumping cheerleaders (still partly recall one of the cheers was, "One a (something), two a (something), three a (something), four; Yea, Milne H.S, we want more"), baseball games in the large area out front (remember when George DeMoss was struck with the ball in the head near his eye? We were all so worried about him!), etc.... and of course my friends... eating lunch on the grassy bank of Washington Park lake with Pat Carroll watching the ducks on lunch break, and riding in her brother Drew's yellow convertible in our senior year... "You're only young once" we used to say with hair flying in the wind...

How I wish I were able to attend the reunion! Howard and I went back one summer, passing through Albany to see it.... Milne was somewhat changed, classrooms I remember using were empty offices, etc. The Assembly Hall was locked up, but a custodian opened it for us. JUST as I remembered it, only it looked so much smaller. The stage, the same. And memories came flooding back... I'd love to return again...


Peter Meyers, Class of '69, has volunteered to act as Class Contact for his class. Thank you, Peter!

If your class doesn't have a Class Contact, consider volunteering. All we ask is that you be the person that your classmates contact if they have a change in name, address, phone number, and/or email address. If you enjoy playing "detective," you can also help find your missing classmates. As you know, I am developing a Milne alumni directory of addresses, phone numbers, and (especially!) email addresses. The goal is to develop a comprehensive alumni database so that alumni can be contacted when Milne alumni activities are scheduled. This database will not be published or shared with any commercial vendor. Email will be our preferred method of communication (since it's free!) and will be used when there is important information to communicate. Any help you are able to provide will be greatly appreciated.


If you haven't done so already, be sure to check out the Milne School Alumni group on Facebook, a group for Milne School Alumni, Supporters, and Friends. If you're not quite sure what to do to join, let me know and I will send you an "invitation." My contact information is available here. Just scroll down for the email link.


Ginnah Howard was interviewed about her novel, Night Navigation, by Bill Jaker on WSKG public radio's "Off the Page" (Binghamton, NY) on Tuesday, May 26th. Night Navigation was released by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in late March 2009. (See the March 15, 2009, newsletter for a review of Ginnah's novel.)

Ginnah is curious to know if your local library has Night Navigation and whether it is available in the independent or chain bookstore nearest you. Her email address is You can also reach her on Facebook or can learn more at

Thanks to all of you for your interest in Milne Alumni activities.

Judy (Koblintz) Madnick, '61

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