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I am an Assistant Professor in the SUNY Albany Mathematics and Statistics Department.

Contact Information

Email: my first initial followed by my last name at albany dot edu
Office: Earth Science 136B.
Office hours: Different each term.



My Ph.D. thesis: link

Papers on ArXiv: link


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The Alphabet

By homotopy classes:

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The Press

New York Times
Le Figaro
Ziarul de Iași
Dilema veche


These were my two junior year projects at Princeton.

The first was done within the Junior Seminar, run by
Professor Ramin Takoo-Bighash and Steve J. Miller.
It investigates some elementary properties of the period
of the continued fraction of sqrt n.

The second was done under the supervision of Professor Peter Sarnak.
It provides a computational confirmation of the Taniyama-Shimura
conjecture, for non-integer primes in Z[i] of norm up to 45,000.


Here are some short stories by a classical Romanian
writer, I. L. Caragiale, in my translation.
You can find the originals here and here. Both stories
are out of copyright.

Caldura mare (Strong Heat) rtf
Bubico rtf
D-l Goe (Mr. Goe) rtf

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