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I am very unlikely to buy material as a result of spam sent to me.

If in spite of this, you wish to get e-mail addresses from this site (or you are a Web crawler seeking e-mail addresses) to use for spam, consider these possible e-mail addresses (which may or may not be fake and may or may not represent real organizations or the organizations claimed in the links): an FBI address, an organization wanting to tax spam, an IRS address to audit spammers, a Customs address to deal with Customs duties for international spammers, a New York state police tip line, a possible Mafia address, or the Devil so that you can sell your soul. You have the right to remain silent and need not use these e-mail addresses. The maintainer of this site assumes no responsibility for the consequences of your using these e-mail addresses including the use against you of information you send. The maintainer of this site also assumes no responsibility for any response or lack of response to messages sent to these addresses.

This warning is individually written, does not necessarily represent the views of the writer's employer, and may omit important policies of the writer's employer concerning spam. Some aspects of this warning may not be serious while other aspects may be serious.