Here are some preprints. If your browser knows what to do with .dvi files, you can read these files. Browsers in areas such as mathematics departments might be able to do so, but in some more general settings, the browsers will not be able to display .dvi files.

In specified cases, you can get a text file of the original TeX file or a PostScript file.

For certain large files, the approximate size of the file is indicated.

I have not yet converted these files to PDF format for use with readers such as Acrobat. If you are interested in seeing my preprints in such a format, please e-mail me. (You must manually remove the ".spamblocker" I inserted in the e-mail address.)

Preprints are not refereed and are subject to correction, editing, revision, etc. Furthermore preprints may be submitted for publication, and copyright may be transfered in the future with no further notice (or may have been transfered in the case of preprints accepted). The maintainer of these pages reserves the right to remove preprints and has done so for some preprints once they were published.