Math 367 Syllabus
Fall 2002
Mark Steinberger

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It will contain links to assignments and other items of interest.

The text is Discrete Probability, by Hugh Gordon, Springer, 1997.

Numerous homework problems will be assigned. They are the heart of the course. You are expected to work them and discuss your answers in class. In many cases, there will be more than one way to solve the problem, and different students will likely find different methods.

The exam questions will be heavily influenced by the homework problems. To prepare for the exams, you should develop the facility to work every type of problem assigned, and be able to do so quickly enough to finish the exam.

There will be three in-class exams and a final. Each in-class exam will account for 20% of your grade. The final exam will account for 40% of your grade. Credit will be given for improvement on the final.

Dates for the first two in-class exams will be announced in class. Class attendance is mandatory.

Exam 3 will be given on Wednesday, April 28.

The final exam is Friday, May 7, 10:30am-12:30pm.

The first exam will be based on the material in Chapters 1-3. We will skip Section 3.3.

The second exam will be based on the material in Chapters 4-6. We will skip Section 6.2.

The third exam will be based on the material in Chapters 7-9.

The final exam will be cumulative, covering Chapters 1-9.

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