Welcome to Math 221

Me: Mark Steinberger
Office: ES136B
Hours:MWF 2:45-3:40
Email: mark@csc.albany.edu. Please put Math 221 in the subject line.
Home page:   http://math.albany.edu:8000/~mark

Course Information
Book: Edgar Goodaire and Michael Parmenter, Discrete Mathematics with Graph Theory (third edition), Pearson Prentice Hall, 2006
Exams: 3 in-class exams and one final
Grading: Each in-class exam is worth 20% of your grade. The final is worth 40%. Credit is given for improvement on the final.
Homework: http://nyjm.albany.edu:8000/~mark/classes/221/homework.htm

Final Exam: Thursday, May 11, 6:00pm-8:00pm, in the usual classroom.

Dates for the first two exams will be announced in class. Exam 3 is Monday, May 1.

Attendance in class is vital to your success in it. If you are forced to miss class, you must contact someone who attended and get the notes.

Because of this, it is valuable to get to know others in the class and exchange contact information. But that is valuable for other reasons, too. Mathematical sciences are much easier to learn if you can verbalize your questions and answers. (I suspect this is useful in other disciplines, too.) Group discussions and problem sessions can make your studies much more efficient than they would be otherwise.

For the same reason, you are encouraged to come to office hours.

Exam 1, Spring 2006 and its solutions

Exam 2, Spring 2006

Exam 3, Spring 2006 and its solutions

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