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Most recent publications

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Hagen, L., M. Patel and L. F. Luna-Reyes (2023). "Human-Supervised Data Science Framework for City Governments: A Design Science Approach" Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology.

Juiz, C., F. Duhamel, I. Gutierrez-Martinez and L. F. Luna-Reyes (2022). "IT managers' framing of IT Governance Roles and Responsibilities in Ibero-American Higher Education Institutions" Informatics. 9(3):68

Gasco-Hernandez, M., Gil-Garcia, J. R. and L. F. Luna-Reyes (2022) "Unpacking the role of technology, leadership, governance and collaborative capacities in inter-agency collaborations" Government Information Quarterly. 39(3):1-12

Harrison, T. M. and L. F. Luna-Reyes (2022) "Cultivating Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence in Digital Government" Social Science Computer Review 40(2):494-511,

Porwol, L., S. S. Metcalf, J. B. Morrison, S. A. Chun and L. F. Luna-Reyes (2022) "Facilitating Virtual Conferences: Reflections and Lessons Learned in Two Global Communities" ACM Digital Government: Research and Practice 3(1):1-12

Meijer, A., Webster, W. (2020) Contributing Authors: Akif Demircioglu, M., F. Bannister, C. J. Bennett, K. Chen, H. Choi, J. I. Criado, M. A. Cunha, M. Gasco-Hernandez, P. Henman, D. Kimemia, V. Lember, K. Lofgren, L. F. Luna-Reyes, A. Meijer, I. Mergel, D. Murakami Wood, G. Nesti, E. Przeybilovicz, A. Raghavan, O. Svenonius, R. van Brakel, W. Webster, M. Yildiz (2020). "Global Report: The COVID-19-Crisis and the Information Polity: An Overview of Responses and Discussions in Twenty-One Countries from Six Continents" Information Polity: An International Journal of Government and Democracy in the Information Age. 25(4):243-274

De Tuya, M., M. Cook, M. K. Sutherland, and L. F. Luna-Reyes (2020). "The Leading Role of the Government CIO at the Local Level: Strategic Opportunities and Challenges" Government Information Quarterly. 37(3):

Luna-Reyes, L. F., Juiz, C., Gutierrez-Martinez, I., y Duhamel, F. B. (2020). "Exploring the Relationships between Dynamic Capabilities and IT Governance: Implications for Local Governments" Transforming Government: People, Process and Policy. 14(2): 149-169

Hagen, L., Keller, T. E., Zhao, X., and Luna Reyes, L. F. (2019). "Open Data Visualizations and Analytics as Tools for Policy-Making" Government Information Quarterly. 36(4):1-14

Bahaddin, B., S. Weinberg, L. F. Luna-Reyes and D. F. Andersen (2019). "Building a Bridge to Behavioral Economics: Countervailing Cognitive Biases in Lifetime Saving Decisions" System Dynamics Review. 35(3):187-207

Most cited publications

Luna-Reyes, L. F. and D.L. Andersen (2003). "Collecting and analyzing qualitative data for system dynamics: methods and models." System Dynamics Review. 19(4): 271-296

Picazo-Vela, S., I. Gutierrez-Martinez and L. F. Luna-Reyes (2012). "Understanding Risks, Benefits, and Strategic Alternatives of Social Media Applications in the Public Sector." Government Information Quarterly. 29(4): 504-511

Luna-Reyes, L. F., J. Zhang, J. R. Gil-Garcia and A. M. Cresswell (2005). "Information Systems Development as Emergent Socio-Technical Change: A Practice Approach." European Journal of Information Systems. 14(1): 93-105

Luna-Reyes L. F. and J. R. Gil-Garcia (2011). "Using Institutional Theory and Dynamic Simulation to Understand Complex E-Government Phenomena." Government Information Quarterly. 28(3): 329-345

Luna-Reyes, L. F., J. R. Gil-Garcia and C. B. Cruz (2007). "Collaborative Digital Government in Mexico: Some Lessons from Federal Web-Based Interorganizational Information Integration Initiatives." Government Information Quarterly. 24(4): 808-826

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