Upcoming Events:

April 22, 2012:
Cultural Carnival

April 28, 2012

About Liga Filipina

Liga Filipina is the Filipino organization at the University at Albany, open to anyone willing to join.  Liga Filipina was established in 1994 by a few proud Filipino Americans who felt that our culture was not properly presented on campus.  With the inspiration of the other Asian organizations such as Chinese Student Association and Korean Student Association, these Filipino-Americans established Liga Filipina.


Every year, Liga Filipina strives to spread Filipino awareness through the University at Albany campus by hosting events such as workshops, shows, and social gatherings.  Through these workshops, shows, and gatherings, we demonstrate and teach much about the Filipino culture, usually consisting of dancing, music, history, and food.  Along with spreading our culture, we strive to make every member of Liga, a better person.  By participating in our events, members demonstrate leadership, organization, unity, and a sense of pride of who they are.  This year, Liga Filipina is aiming to reach out to communities outside the University at Albany campus.  So far, we have gathered contact information of people outside our campus who want to get involved.  We have reached out to the communities in the Capital District as well as contacted other Filipino organizations from other schools.  We currently have a lot of contacts from all the upstate schools and some other schools along the east coast.


Every year, we host 2 events, one per semester. Our Fall semester event is Simbang Gabi, which translates to "worship night" in tagalog. This a traditionally celebrated event from the Philippines in which families and friends go to church on the days leading up to Christmas and celebrate afterward with a big gathering in which there is a lot of food, music, and dancing. Liga Filipina's Simbang Gabi is a very holiday-oriented show and is celebrated for one night. which follows after mass ends. During our event, we invite other groups to perform in relation to the holiday season. We do this to build bridges among the students, despite our differences in culture. Also during our event, Liga will perform, tons of prizes are raffles off, lots of food, lots of dancing, and just an overall good time for everyone. All proceeds made during this event are donated towards a non-profit organization of the Executive Board's choice.

Our other event is Fiesta. Fiesta is a showcase of our Filipino culture. Prior to the show, plenty of traditional Filipino food is served consisting of Lumpia Shanghai, Pancit Canton, Crispy Pata, Chicken Adobo and more. The show itself consists of different types of traditional Filipino dances as well as a couple modern dances. Information about our next Fiesta show will be available at the start of the new spring semester.

Community Service:

In previous years, we have donated to various non-profit organizations. Some organizations we have donated to are Bayanihan in Woodside, NY and Outreach Asia. This year, we will donate to Pangasinan Association USA Inc. which is an organization in Queens, NY that helps the communities and underprivledged families in the providence of Pangasinan in the Philippines. In addition to our donations, we help out local organizations here in Albany. Some organizations include Capital City Rescue Mission, the Chapel House, JC Club, and the Ronald McDonald House.