Remarks and Errata to the Second Edition of "A Concrete Introduction to Higher Algebra", by Lindsay N. Childs, published by Springer-Verlag New York, 1995 (first edition, 1979), softcover printing, 2000.


The following telegraphic review appeared in the American Mathematical Monthly, vol. 103 (Feb. 1996), p. 282:

New edition of a durable and well-regarded text. Admirers needn't feel concern--the essential elements and appeal of the first edition have survived intact despite substantial revision. [A review of the first edition appeared in the Monthly of October, 1983.] Changes include more emphasis on elementary group theory, more treatment of computational number theory and primality testing, new coverage of quadatric reciprocity, use of the discrete Fourier transform.

Errata (as of 12/17/04)

These are corrections to the softcover printing of the second edition (2000). Names in parentheses following the errata refer to the discoverer. My thanks to Donald Crowe of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Richard Ehrenborg, Chris Jewell, Ken Brown and Margaret Readdy of Cornell, Olav Hortås of Bergen, Tat-Hung Chan of Fredonia, Morris Orzech of Queen's University and Keith Conrad of the University of Connecticut for sending me errata in previous printings as well as many of the errata below. (Keith also sent errata to the errata!)

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