Doctoral students of Lindsay N. Childs (all at Univ. at Albany)

Susan Hurley, Ph. D., 1984, "Tame and Galois Hopf objects with normal bases". Her thesis was published in two papers:

She is a professor at Siena College.

Steven Tesser, Ph. D., 1984, "On certain representations of a generalized Clifford algebra". Work on his thesis led to two papers:

David Weinraub, Ph. D., 1990, "Cofinite induction and Noether's theorem for Hopf orders in group algebras". His thesis led to two papers:

He is a web designer in Phuket, Thailand. His website is which has some amazing pictures of the 2005 tsunami that devastated Phuket.

Robert Underwood, Ph. D., 1992, "Hopf algebra orders over a discrete valuation ring, their duals, and extensions of R- groups". His thesis led to several papers, including:

He is Distinguished Research Professor at Auburn University Montgomery: his website is here.

David Moss, Ph. D., 1994, "Kummer theory for formal groups". His thesis led to two papers:

He is principal of Moss Solutions, a business software company. Its web address is

Maureen Cox Paul, Ph. D., 1994, "The image of the Picard invariant map for Hopf Galois extensions". Her thesis was not published, but results in her thesis were generalized by S. Caenepeel and N. Byott. She is presently associate professor and chair of the Department of Mathematics at St. Bonaventure University: its website is here.

Alan Koch, Ph. D., 1995, "Cyclic Dieudonne modules, Witt subgroups, and their lifts to characteristic zero". Published papers related to his thesis include:

He is an associate professor at Agnes Scott College; his website is here.

Timothy Kohl, Ph. D., 1996, "Classification of abelian Hopf algebra forms acting on radical extensions". His thesis was published as:

He is at Boston University; his website is here.

Harold H. Smith III, Ph. D. 1997, "Constructing Hopf orders in elementary abelian group rings". His thesis led to:

He is an Associate Professor of Information Sciences and Technology at Penn State New Kensington. His website is here.

ManYiu Tse, Ph. D., 1997, "Hopf algebra actions on elementary abelian extensions of degree p^2". He is on the faculty of Molloy College.

Stephen Featherstonhaugh, Ph. D., 2003, "Abelian Hopf Galois structures on Galois field extensions of prime power order". He is Adjunct Program Coordinator in the Mathematics Department at the Borough of Manhattan Community College. His website is here.

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