He stopped me & said to me:


All you have shown is your veil

& all you have hidden is your veil

& all you have inscribed is your veil

& all you have effaced is your veil

& all you have covered is also your veil.


& He said to me:


Your veil is your soul

It is the veil of veils

If you leave it, you leave the veils

If you veil yourself with it

All the veils will veil you.


& He said to me:


Leave your soul only through My light

It will traverse the veil, My light

Only then will you see how it veils

& through what it veils.


& He said to me:


If your essence leaves you, every veil will follow it

If your sojourn is inside a veil, it will reside there.


& He said to me:


He, He said: O Master

For my essence I have always been jailer

Its sojourn is in me

Give it back to its jail, re-establish it in its sojourn!

That's when I said: O my soul!

Come back to your jail

Re-establish yourself in your sojourn!


& He said to me:



He who has seen Me and has gazed on My "mawqif" (station)

illicit will be for him, inside My veil, licit food.


& He said to me:


Man! You will not make a resting place inside My veil. .....



(this version by Pierre Joris via a French translation by Youssef Seddik in Dédale # 1&2, p 100, Paris1995)

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