Indian Student Organization

The Indian Student Organization is a group of graduate and undergraduate students of Indian origin studying at the UAlbany. The organization aims to create a social network amongst campus community and give them an opportunity to continue enjoying typically Indian customs and traditions, here in the United States.

The association also aims to participate in various programs and events organized by other multi cultural groups at UAlbany, thereby contributing to the enriching cultural diversity on campus. A board of volunteers manages the day-to-day functioning of the association.

Our activities range from organizing new student orientations, yoga and stress management workshops, cricket tournaments to celebrating Indian festivals such as 'Diwali' and organizing trips and picnics. Diwali Night is a unique cultural event that not only provides an opportunity to the UAlbany community to explore Indian traditions but also promotes collaborations with families, faculty, staff, alumni and the local community to increase cross-cultural learning.

Our efforts are also directed towards making arrangements for new students who are coming from India to pursue their studies at the UAlbany. We go to great lengths to secure housing for them, find roommates and even arrange pickups from the Albany international airport. ISO is dedicated towards a culturally rich and socially active campus community.
There is no membership requirement; all UAlbany students and alumni are welcome!