The Importance of Good Source Markup

Joint Mathematics Meetings 2010 in San Francisco

William F. Hammond

January 15, 2010

The Session

The MAA Session Publishing Math on the Web was organized by Thomas Leathrum of Jacksonville State University with Kyle Siegrist of The University of Alabama and myself.



For the MAA Session on Publishing Mathematics on the Web
JMM Abstract No. 1056-N5-712
Submitted September 16, 2009

For optimal interoperability and reusability today along with durability into the future it is desirable for documents to be written in a structured author-level markup language. The didactic production system of the GELLMU project offers a fully working example.


The slides used for my talk are in the modern form of HTML extended by MathML (and W3C's “Slidy”), which I find to be a more satisfactory slide presentation format than PDF slides.