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There have been only small revisions in this page since 2001, mostly for the purpose of updating.

If you do not know that GELLMU now produces the modern form of HTML with MathML, then you should go to the main entrance.

Release packages have been available since July 2001. HTML, XHTML+MathML, DVI, and PDF versions of both the GELLMU Manual and the Introductory User's Guide to Regular GELLMU are part of the package.

The Examples Archive provides, along with the manual, an important way to learn. Unless other notice is given, copyrights for these examples should be assumed to reside with the original authors, and re-distribution should conform to the terms contained in them.

Items that are not software or software support materials are copyrighted by the author for possible subsequent inclusion in formal publications. Items that are software or software support materials, are governed by the Policies of the Trustees of the State University of New York. The University has agreed that they be released under the GNU General Public License.

Feel free to examine items found below. They are all subject to change.

Visitors who have not previously read through the docs from the main GELLMU entrance may find these materials mysterious. Caveat emptor! (At least the price is right.)

Roger Sidje's MathML Fragment Tester

Math in Web Pages
Current versions of all major browsers now support math markup in XHTML pages!

Content providers must, however, follow the new directions found at Many thanks are due to David Carlisle for his XSLT tricks. Browser vendors who handle XSLT but do not handle MathML may wish either to study Amaya or Mozilla source or to contract for a plugin.

View non bitmap math in an “ordinary” web page if your browser is ready for MathML. Note that some browsers also handle this document when served more specifically as the XML form of HTML or even as non-specific HTML. Document source markup, an instance of basic GELLMU, is available for scrutiny along with a Mozilla 0.9 screenshot and a re-sized version of that screenshot. Open source browsers with native MathML capabity include (1) W3C's Amaya and (2) Mozilla's MathML development track. Much more information is available from the W3C Math Page.

Experimental Use of the XHTML Ruby Module with MathML
as ordinary HTML
as MIME profiled HTML
as the XML form of HTML
as non-specific XML (but who y'a g'nna call?)
as basic GELLMU source

Using GELLMU to Write XHTML plus MathML
A brief article about the application of GELLMU's basic mode to the conscious writing of HTML.

Teaser Gymnastics
Wherein a regular GELLMU document is used simultaeously to wrap the source of a basic GELLMU document prepared using GELLMU's \newcommand and then provide a displayed form of that source by using \newcommand to “import” the HTML markup into the richer didactic article document type that admits multiple output formattings.

About the XML Files Found Here
A warning for those wishing to parse the XML version of a GELLMU article. (You need to grab supplementary files, as well.) As of the spring of 2006, there is some toying with CSS for these XML items, but that is presently a side show.

The newcommand meta-command for the article document type of “regular” GELLMU

newcommand is called a meta-command because all if its expansions are done by the syntactic translator.

Use of newcommand is made in the GELLMU markup for this document and in many of the other documents within the GELLMU web site.

GELLMU source for this page
What's new and different about this?

This document was written in GELLMU source directly for HTML. Most instances of GELLMU source at this site are written for the GELLMU document type rather than for the HTML document type.

For more information on using GELLMU to edit HTML (and other classical languages under SGML) see ghtml.html.

The Idea of a LaTeX-like Markup User Interface
An article posted to news:comp.text.tex on October 23, 1999.
GELLMU Experimental Materials
A largely obsolete doc that points to materials not in this list as well as to some that are.
gellmu.el: GNU Emacs Lisp code
GELLMU SGML Declaration
GELLMU document type definition for article/SGML.
Perl code to translate article/SGML to article/XML.

All formatting of the didactic article document type should be done from the XML version.

Some “central” styling is done in this translation. For example, consistent with \secnumdepth and \tocdepth, section numbers are generated, and labels and references are matched. This makes it possible to ensure that such things are consistent across multiple output formats. The behavior in regard to these things is reasonably consistent with LaTeX's behavior.

GELLMU document type definition for article/XML.
The Smallest Example
A minimal GELLMU article with comments and didactic points.
An important very early draft for mathematicians. Comments on this document are solicited: hammond at
Writing DTD's with GELLMU
The GELLMU edition of Lamport's sample2e
This is a GELLMU demo. It is my rendition of a benchmark in the standard LaTeX2E distribution.

The GELLMU Philosophy

These are didactic materials. If you are reading this page, you might want to make your own versions in order to meet your needs and to realize your style preferences. These materials may or may not be useful. I hope at least that they are instructive.

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