Is This an HTML Document?

Although this looks, more or less, like a LaTeX document, it is really a document written in the HTML language using LaTeX-like syntax.

This document may be easily converted to a normal HTML document using the basic mode of the GELLMU syntactic translator, which is an Emacs Lisp program available on the web through .

GELLMU stands for ``Generalized Extensible LaTeX-Like Markup''. Its primary purpose is to serve as a bridge for authors from LaTeX to the world of XML.

Thus, this usage of GELLMU is basically recreational compared to its more serious purpose: using LaTeX-like markup to write for a much richer XML document type than HTML. Actually, this document is written for ``old'' HTML, which is an SGML application that does not come under XML. But there is a canonical way to translate ``old'' HTML to the XML version of HTML.

For more information on writing HTML this way see the short article Using GELLMU to Write HTML.

For more information on the serious purpose of GELLMU please visit The GELLMU Web.