with a Gratuitous ASCII Chart
in a Footnote

William F. Hammond

30 April 2002

At this point the author is evaluating the usefulness for the GELLMU Project of using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to provide crude renderings of the XML version of the project's article document type.

One point involves the placement of verbatim text, such as an ASCII1 chart in a footnote.

Various versions of this document are available:

GELLMU source
Spawned XML
HTML formatted from the XML version
LaTeX source formatted from the XML version
Letter-size PDF for printing

Note that the XML version is an instance of the GELLMU article document type, which means that from the viewpoint of a web browser its vocabulary is completely unknown. It contains a link to a CSS style sheet that serves to provide a crude screen formatting.

Note that CSS is presently rather limited. In particular, it does not provide a way to move a footnote to the bottom, or, for that matter, to “move” anything.

Note that there are no live anchors in the web rendering of the XML version if only because

  1. CSS provides no way to do that.

  2. the project's article document type presently does not use XML-level anchors.

The CSS renditon of the XML version “works” as intended when viewed with Opera 6 on a Win32 platform. The author is not fully satisfied with the CSS handling of any other web browser that he has tried to use.

The screen PDF formatter for GELLMU has not yet been completed. Screen PDF will have live anchors and in many respects be similar to the experimental PP4/PDF formatter for PDF incremental slides. An example slideshow is available at ,

and an anchor for the draft formatter will be found at the end of the slide show.


  1. *
                                  ASCII CHART
                         2       !"#$%&'()*+,-./
                         3      0123456789:;<=>?
                         4      @ABCDEFGHIJKLMNO
                         5      PQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^_
                         6      `abcdefghijklmno
                         7      pqrstuvwxyz{|}~