Material Related to Authoring DTD's with GELLMU

These materials are didactic. They are not intended to be complete.

They should, however, be nearly sufficient for authoring the didactic gellmu.dtd. (Currently there is no GELLMU source for it.)

Article: Authoring SGML DTD's with GELLMU

Eitan Gurari
showed me another version of the HTML made from DVI with tex4ht "specials" by him. He made it from my GELLMU-generated LaTeX (as above) using TeX, the program, with the LaTeX format and tex4ht macros. His free-standing program tex4ht then produced the HTML. This copy was retrieved from the url that may be found in a comment at the top.

Copy of boot.dtd
This is the DTD, the stage 2 configuration item, that is used to support GELLMU authoring of DTD's. There are other versions:

Perl codelet package for generating a DTD from SGML.
This is the stage 3 configuration item.

Copy of prexdt.glm

Copy of prexdt.dtd

List of symbolic character names in GELLMU

Tables for verbatim conversion with conv
Two tables are needed. The 33 char table differs from the 31 char table in that it converts `\' and `;'. The 33 char should be used for new conversions. The 31 char table should be used for operating on old partially converted material (presumably done previously, perhaps ad hoc, for a small list of targets).

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