About the XML Files Found Here

A Warning

This note pertains to the didactic article document type.

The translator that converts the SGML form of the didactic article document type to the XML form automatically generates section numbers, tables of contents, and cross-referencing information.

For maximum efficiency in ``building'' that translator simultaneously produces auxiliary files containing (1) XML entity definitions (suffix .xet)*1*, (2) label information (suffix .xlb), and (3) a table of contents (suffix .xcn), as desired.

The items 1 and 3 represent included entities in the XML version of an article and, therefore, must be present in order to produce conforming XML. Furthermore, the didactic formatters for the HTML and LaTeX targets presently require item 2.


  1. * Some of the entity definitions may be superfluous, but they cause no harm. (There is more than one conceivable way to generate the XML version of an article.)


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