AMAT 585: Practicum in TDA — Spring 2018

 Classroom  BB (Business Administartion) B003
 Class hours  MWF 11:30am—12:25pm
 Professor  Boris Goldfarb
 Office  ES (Earth Science) 120B
 Office hours  MWF 12:30pm—1:30pm
 Telephone  518-442-4712 (leave a message)
 Email address  bgoldfarb at
 WWW page

About the course: This is the first run of the new course developed for the new graduate program, Master of Science in Data Science in the Mathematics and Statistics Department. The purpose of this course is to get familiar with implementation(s) of the methods we learned in TDA I and II. We will do that by doing hands-on experimentation and data manipulation. After that and some presentations from me on possible uses of TDA in your projects, you will choose a project from among the ones I suggest or by developing your own ideas. The middle portion of the course will be individual work on your projects. It is likely we get together to share experiences and impressions during this time. The last activity in the course will be a mini-conference of presentations of the completed projects. In addition to the presentations, the results will be written up as a report. I am very open to working on projects in teams or individually.

Grades: The course letter grades will be based on the total score obtained from the following activities:

    TDA tools: evaluation, configuration  =  20%
    TDA tools: practice  =  20%
    Project: design and implementation  =  40%
    Project: report out  =  20%

The following information is added to satisfy the Minimum Contents of a Class Syllabus requirements. The prerequisite for this class is AMAT 584. You need to be admitted to the graduate program in mathematics or talk to me to get a permission to register. The course is A-E graded. Attendance is critical to success in the class.