AMAT/TMAT 222: Honors Linear Algebra — Fall 2017

 Classroom  ES (Earth Science) 108
 Class hours  MWF 9:20am—10:15pm
 Professor  Boris Goldfarb
 Office  ES (Earth Science) 120B
 Office hours  MW 10:30am—11:30am, F 12:30pm—1:30pm
 Telephone  518-442-4712 (leave a message)
 Email address  bgoldfarb at
 WWW page

About the text: The required text is Lay, Linear Algebra and Its Applications, 5th Edition.

Reading/Homeworks/Tests: Read the sections or handouts we cover in class immediately before or after each lecture. Homework problems from the text will be posted and updated here:


You don't have to turn in solutions to problems. We will discuss the homework problems in class, so definitely bring any questions to class. The weekly tests will be given on Mondays in the second half of the hour period and will consist of a couple of problems of moderate difficulty similar to those assigned since previous Monday. Each test will be worth 8 points.

Grades: The course letter grades will be based on the total score obtained from tests and projects:

    13 tests/projects =  104% (each test is worth 8 points)

The following information is added to satisfy the Minimum Contents of a Class Syllabus requirements. The prerequisites for this course are 2 semesters of one-variable calculus. The course is A-E graded. Attendance is critical to success in the class.