MSI 416: Communications Networking & Security

Spring 2003 Syllabus

Instructor Information

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Sanjay Goel

Office: BA 310b
Hours: W 10 - 11:30am & by appt.
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Time:MW 8 - 10am
Room:BA 231
Dates:January 22 - March 19
Call #:4574

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Text & Reference Books

Text: Data Communications & Computer Networks: A Business Users's Approach by Curt M. White
Reference: Hackers Beware by Eric Cole
Reference: Security In Computing (Third Edition) by Charles P. Pfleeger & Shari Lawrence Pfleeger


This covers Data Communications, Computer Networking and Computer Security. The second module covers ecommerce. The portion on communications will cover fundamentals of signal transmission, transmission hardware and basic concepts like multiplexing. The networking portion will cover Network Topologies, the OSI model, and the TCP/IP protocol suite. In the security portion of the course we will discuss privacy issues, vulnerabilities of the network and techniques for protecting data such as Cryptography and Steganography. Public Key Infrastructure, which is currently used for secure data transmission over the web, will also be discussed. By the end of the semester, students should expect to have a general understanding of the above topics and should be capable of simple network programming.

Learning Objectives

Students will learn:

  1. Students learn the hardware and protocols involved in transmission of data over networks
  2. Students learn the various networking architectures and their applications
  3. Students learn the use of cryptographic techniques used for secure communication on networks
  4. Students learn to analyze the threats, vulnerabilities and solutions for information system security
  5. Students gain hands-on experience in auditing & testing the security of computer networks
  6. Students develop critical thinking skills via debates on the ethics and legal issues in electronic data access


Assignments: 25%
Paper: 25%
Exam I: 25%
Exam II: 25%

Course Schedule

Week Date Topics Readings
1 1/22 Introduction to the Course 1
2 1/28 Fundamentals of Data & Signals 2
1/29 Hardware & Media Types 3/4
3 2/3 Multiplexing 5
2/5 Review / /Error Detection 6
4 2/10 Exam Closed Book
2/12 Internet Model / OSI Model LAN Configurations 7
5 2/17 Introduction to Security/Privacy Class Notes
2/19 Hacking Class Notes
6 2/24 Cryptography Class Notes
2/26 Computer Forensics (NYS Police)
7 3/3 Spring Break
8 3/10 PKI & SSL / Exam Class Notes
3/12 Steganography
9 3/17 Student Presentations Notes

Download syllabus: msi416syllabus.pdf