MSI 604: IT Solutions to Business Problems

Spring 2002 Syllabus

Instructor Information

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Sanjay Goel

Office: BA 310b
Hours: W 1 - 2:30pm & by appt.
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Time:W 9am - 12pm
Room:BA 233
Dates:January 23 - February 20

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This course is a three module course. In the first module concepts of computer security will be introduced. It will also cover hands on experience in implementing security systems using the Java language. The course will discuss the vulnerabilities of the network and techniques for camouflaging data like cryptography and Steganography. The students will work on assignments using the Java Cryptography Architecture and Java Cryptography Extension APIs. Public Key Infrastructure which is currently used for secure data transmission over the web will also be discussed. Some other topics like privacy and payment systems will also be covered. By the end of the class the students should expect to have a basic understanding of different aspects of computer security.

Text & Reference Books

Text: Professional Java Security by Jess Garms and Daniel Somerfield
Reference: Business Data Communications and Networking by Raymond R. Panko
Reference: Hackers Beware by Eric Cole
Reference: Computer Networking, A top down approach featuring the Internet by James W. Kurose and Keith Ross.


Homework: 35%
Paper: 25%
Final Exam: 40%

Course Schedule

Lecture Date Topics Readings
1 1/23 Introduction 1
Cryptography 3
2 1/30 Symmetric Encryption (Java) 4
Watermarking and Steganography
3 2/6 Asymmetric Encryption (Java) 5
Payment Systems
4 2/13 Message Digests, Signatures, Certificates (Java) 6
Privacy and Security
5 2/20 Exam
5 Student Presentations

Download syllabus: msi604syllabus.pdf