MSI 602: Enterprise Application Development

Spring 2002 Syllabus

Instructor Information

Sanjay Goel picture

Sanjay Goel

Office: BA 310b
Hours: W 1 - 2:30pm & by appt.
PH: (518) 442-4925
FX (518) 442-2568
Email: [email protected]

Class Information

Time: W 9am - 12pm
Location: BA 233
Dates: March 25 - May 6
Available Lab(s): MIS Lab, HRIS Lab

Course Overview

This course is a two part course. The first part covers issues of Object Design, Software Design, Code Development and Code Testing. In the second part of the class the students learn the multi-tier architecture for Enterprise Computing and develop a business application using Java Enterprise Edition. The core technologies that students use for the application development are Java Servlets, JDBC, XML and Swing. The class will require a significant amount of programming thus knowledge of Java Programming will be very useful. It will be a very fast paced class so please see me if you have any difficulty in the class.

Learning Objectives

Students will learn:

  1. How to integrate knowledge from different business functions to create a business plan
  2. The process for developing large scale enterprise applications
  3. How to develop multi-tier architecture
  4. How to hone their critical thinking and presentation skills by developing the business plan and presenting their work to a professional audience

Text & Reference Books

Text: Professional Java Server Programming J2EE Edition by Allamaraju
Text: Visual Modeling with Rational Rose 2000 and UML by Terry Quatrani
Text: Modern System Analysis and Design by Hoffer, George, and Valacich
Reference: Oracle JDeveloper 3 Handbook by Dorsey and Kaletze
Reference: Java by Dissection: The Essentials of Java Programming by Pohl & McDowell


Homework: 25%

Project: 50%

Exam: 25%

Course Schedule

Week Date Topics Readings
1 4/3 3-tier Architecture 1 (PJSP)
JDBC + Lab 3 (PJSP)
2 4/10 Web Containers 7-9 (PJSP)
Servlet Programming
3 4/17 Sessions, Context & Collaboration
xml 5 & 6 (PJSP)
4 4/24 Error Handling & File/Screen IO 10 & 11 (JDB)
Event Driven Programming / Swing 8 & 9 (JBD)
5 5/1
6 5/8 Project Presentations
5/10 Exam

Download Spring 2002 syllabus: msi602syllabus.pdf