ITM 520: Database Management

Instructor Information

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Sanjay Goel

Office: BA 310b
Hours: Mon. 12:30-2PM & by appt.
PH: (518) 442-4925
FX (518) 442-2568
Email: [email protected]

Class Information

Time: 9:00-10:20am / 10:30-11:50pm
Location: BA 227
Dates: October 6 - November 22, 2004
Credit(s): 1
Call #: 4407 / 4408
Available Lab(s): BA222

Course Overview

This is an introductory course in database modeling, design and implementation of business applications. It teaches the basic principles of relational database theory and use of query languages. The students learn to write queries in SQL and design a database using Microsoft Access. The role of database systems in the management of information and procedures for modeling the data resource to support managerial/executive needs are presented in the course.


Assignment given in any week is due at the beginning of the class in the next week. There will be a penalty of 10% per day for late assignments unless there is a very pressing reason for the delay. Please work individually on all assignments. Stop by my office if you have difficulty in understanding the assignment or the course material related to the assignment.


Students will get one database project that they need to complete by the end of the class.

Text & Reference Books

Text: David M. Kroenke, Database Concepts, 2nd edition ISBN: 0131451413


Homework: 25%

Project: 35%

Exam: 50%

Course Schedule

No. Date Topics Readings Practice Problems
1 October 6 Introduction / Relational DB Design
2 October 11 Data Modeling: ER Diagrams
3 October 13 Microsoft Access
4 October 18 Database Normalization
5 October 20 Database Normalization cont'd.
6 October 25 SQL - Data Definition Language
7 October 27 Microsoft Access
8 November 1 SQL - Data Manipulation Language
9 November 3 Microsoft Access
10 November 8 SQL - Advanced Queries
11 November 10 MS Access
12 November 15 Guest Lecture / Data Warehousing (not on exam)
13 November 17 Guest Lecture / Data Mining (not on exam)
14 November 22 Exam

Download Fall 2004 syllabus: msi520syllabus.pdf