MSI 572: Introduction to Java

Instructor Information

Name: Sanjay Goel
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (518) 442-4925
Room: BA 310b
Office Hours: M 1:30 - 3:30pm or by appt.

Class Information

Time: MW 10:10am - 12:10pm
Location: BA 209/MIS Lab
Dates: September 4 - October 7 (Contingency Class Date October 9)
Credit(s): 1
Call #: 4662
Available Lab(s): MIS Lab (BA 234), LC4

Course Overview

This course provides an introduction to programming using JAVA language. The course teaches the basic constructs of the language and covers some aspects of object oriented programming. The course will start with a discussion of data types and flow control and then delve into issues like abstraction and inheritance. This is going to be a very fast paced class with a lot of new material in every class. This is a programming class so a lot of effort is required outside of the class in programming assignments. We will spend the first half of the class in the classroom learning the language constructs and use the second half of the class in the MIS lab doing programming. In each class you will get an assignment to complete in the class. Since there may not be enough computers in the lab multiple people will share computers.

Text & Reference Books

Text: Ira Pohl & Charlie McDowell, Java by Dissection, The essentials of Java Programming, Updated Edition. ISBN: 0201751585

Reference: Peter Van Der Linden, Just Java, 2nd Edition

Reference: Allen Vermeulen et. al, The Elements of Java Style.


Homework: 30%

Class Participation: 10%

Project: 30%

Final Exam: 50%

Course Schedule

Lec. Date Time Topics Readings Homework
1 8/27 5:45 - 7 Programming in Java, types, operators, expressions, simple IO, elements of style Ch 1&2 Ch 2(#11-13)
2 8/29 7:15-8:35 Control Flow and Statements Ch 3
3 9/5 5:45-7 Object Oriented Paradigm: UML Diagrams Ch 4 Ch 4(#3,13,20)
4 9/10 7:15-8:35 Vectors, Arrays, and Collections Ch 4
5 9/12 5:45-7 Strings Ch 5
6 9/24 7:15-8:35 Data Abstraction Ch 6
7 9/26 5:45-7 Inheritance Ch 7
8 10/1 7:15-8:35 File IO/Exceptions Ch 10
9 10/3 5:45-7 Exam Ch 11
10 10/8 7:15-8:35 Project Questions
11 10/10 7:15-8:35 Finish Project

Download Fall 2001 syllabus: msi572syllabus.pdf