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MSI 520: Database Design and Application Development

Fall 2001 Syllabus

Download syllabus: msi520syllabus.pdf

Instructor Information

Sanjay Goel picture

Sanjay Goel

Office: BA 310b
Hours: MW 1:30-3:30pm or by appt.
PH: (518) 442-4925
FX (518) 442-2568
Email: goel@albany.edu

Class Information

Time: W 5:30 - 8:30pm Location: BA 233/CETL Digital Workshop 2
Dates: August 27 - October 5
Credit(s): 1
Available Lab(s): MIS Lab, LC4

Course Overview

This is an introductory course in databases which teaches the basic principles of relational database theory and use of query languages. The students learn to write queries in SQL and design a simple database from scratch using Microsoft Access. The course discuses the basic database design principles as well as the rationale for using different forms of normalization.

Text & Reference Books

Text: Philip J. Pratt, Joseph J. Adamski, Concepts of Database Management, 3rd Edition.
Text: Adamski, Hommel & Finnigan, Introductory Microsoft Access 2000, (New Perspective Series)
Reference: Steven Roman, Access Database: Design & Programming, 2nd Edition


Homework: 30%

Class Participation: 10%

Project: 30%

Final Exam: 30%

Course Schedule

Lec. Date Room Topics Readings Assignments
1 8/27 BA 233 Introduction to Databases, Relational Database Design, ER Diagrams Pratt Chapt. 1, 2 Pratt Problems
CETL DW2 Introduction to MS Access Access Manual - 1
2 9/5 BA 233 Database Normalization Pratt Chapt. 5,6 HW #2
Maintaining a Database Access Manual - 2
3 9/12 BA 233 Relational Algebra & SQL Pratt Chapt. 2,3 HW #3
CETL DW2 Querying a Database Access Manual - 3
4 9/19 BA 233 Pratt Chapt. 4,7 HW #4
CETL DW2 Creating Forms and Reports Access Manual - 4
5 10/3 BA 233 SQL - Data Definition Language Pratt Chapt. 8,9
Exam (Topics covered in Lectures 1-4)