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Spring 2012 Membership Application (Please only bring your application to your scheduled interview; we do not accept walk-in applications).

Five Quad V.A.S. is an energetic group of people who are continuously looking for new volunteers. However, due to the structure of our organization and the schedule of new member training, membership applications are only accepted at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters.

Interested in joining?

     Five Quad conducts general interest meetings at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters.  These meetings are promoted through on campus flyers and our website.  They are open to any person interested in joining or learning more about our organization.  During these meetings, everyone will be given the opportunity to ask questions, speak with some active members, and sign up for an interview at a designated date and time, if interested. Before the interview, prospective members-in-training will be asked to fill out an application for the interviewers to review. A resume can also be submitted, but one is not required. After the interviews, a list of the selected members-in-training will be posted on the website, and on the door to the Five Quad office. This selected group of people will be required to attend Five Quad's training weekend, which consists of CPR/AED/First Aid certification, and mandatory weekly trainings that are specific to our organization. Due to limited resources, Five Quad is unable to accept every person that applies. If, for any reason a person looking to join is not selected, we highly encourage re-applying the following semester.


     Five Quad accepts all levels of certification, but previous certifications are not necessary. More than half of Five Quad's active members joined with no prior experience. However, joining our organization will provide members and members-in-training with:

American Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid certifications

  • Basic Life Support skills

  • Leadership opportunities

  • The opportunity to become a NYS Emergency Medical Technician-Basic

Five Quad Volunteer Ambulance Service does not offer New York State EMT training or certification, but a list of courses that are offered in the area can be found in our Newsflash section.

For further questions, please contact our Membership Officer at