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January, 2019: I have decided to form my own consulting business, to take advantage of a widespread demand for the analysis of public health data. My business is called Pumphandle and the web site is The 'me' extension signifies Maine, not Macedonia - my wife and I have decided to move to a small island off the coast of Portland and I will conduct the business from there, albeit with semi-regular client meetings in DC and Atlanta. While I will retain my UAlbany affiliation, at least until my last few graduate students wrap things up, I won't necessarily be maintaining this page. Please go to to see my latest goings-on.

Peer-reviewed journal articles (through Fall 2018, for newer publications see

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Edited books and book chapters

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Selected newsletter items, editorials, code, preprints, etc.

Conwell TJ, Boscoe FP. Urban/rural disparities in cancer incidence in New York State, 2008-2012. PeerJ Preprints 2015; 3: e1500.

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Geographic Information Systems using QGIS (independent study)- Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, University at Albany - 2016

Geographic Information Systems and Public Health (EPI 621)- Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, University at Albany - 2003-2013

Older courses, guest lectures, workshops, advising, service, awards, conference proceedings, etc. are listed in my full cv. See link at the top of the page.



I discovered this sport in 2007, and it's become my primary hobby. 2017 was arguably my best year so far, with three top finishes in ultramarathon-distance races. Here was a particularly good result from 2016. 2018 plans are still evolving.


In 2014 I decided it was time to learn a language other than English. It has already led to three trips to Italy and a number of good friends met through language-learning sites. Spedirmi una nota in italiana!

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I am a Research Professor in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, with my principal appointment at the New York State Cancer Registry located in nearby Menands, NY. My research interests include cancer and chronic disease epi-demiology, medical geography, environmental health, spatial methods, cartography, geo-graphic information systems, demographics, and disease registration.

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