List of Health Practices

We are interested in the regular practices that you may associate with your health, even if it is something a doctor never discussed with you.  The following list contains examples of regular practices a person might associate with health, but no list is complete.  Please write about whatever you consider to be a regular practice that enhances your health. We have provided space for 5 descriptions but you may wish to talk about fewer.  

Buying food more often so it is fresh
Preparing a sit-down meal most days
Learning the foods that my body uses the best and choosing them often
Spending more/expending more effort to get the food I really want rather than what's most convenient
Anticipating where I'll be throughout the day and bringing tasty food so I'll have it accessible
Using info about nutrition in my food choices
Using hunger and satiety in my decisions about starting and stopping eating
Putting regular effort into making eating enjoyable
Regularly taking vitamins

Walking my dog most days
Exploring activities I might like
Developing a relationship with a buddy who I can work out with
Joining a gym and then using my membership regularly
Finding a class or activity that fits my size and fitness level
Investing in comfortable clothing for activity
Investing in excellent equipment for my activity
Investing in and then regularly using exercise equipment in my home
Developing a long menu of things I can do under different circumstances
Having what I need in my car so I can do the activity easily
Walking to work or errands
Walking kids to school
Setting up my daily life so I am moving more (standing work stations, ball chairs, etc)
Practicing yoga, tai chi, or martial arts
Stretching regularly

Getting enough sleep every night
Investing in a good bed and pillows
Sticking with the process of getting a sleep test
Pulling over and not driving when drowsy
Getting insomnia, apnea, restless leg syndrome, or other sleep problem treated
Observing a regular bedtime most of the time

Taking my medications regularly
Tracking and refilling my prescriptions in time
Searching for MDs who are competent and supportive
Going to the doctor even though it may be difficult
Going to regular therapy when needed
Getting regular screening exams (mammograms, pap smears, prostate checks, blood tests, etc.)
Getting regular dental care
Getting regular vision care

Chronic or itermittent conditions
Following a difficult regimen of medication or rehabilitation

Stereotype management
Regular activism that empowers
Joining with others to create a better culture for people like me
Reminding myself that stigma is something outside of me rather than about me personally
Experiencing the liberation of breaking through a stereotype

Interpersonal Negotiation
Speaking up about my own needs to others
Risking "rocking the boat" to take care of myself

Wearing protective gear  (helmet, seatbelt, sunscreen, sunglasses, condom)
Practicing risk management in activities

Preparing for the future health issues
Getting insurance and keeping it going
Planning resources (financial, otherwise) with health in mind [e.g., remodeling home to be more accessible]

Social support
Cultivating good friends who have the capacity to care about me, and I them
Doing activities that make me feel part of a community
Letting myself rely on others
Being there for others in ways that make me feel good
Laughing on most days
Becoming part of a community or extended family

Mental outlook
Stopping self-denigrating thoughts
Attributing negative stereotyping experiences to external stigma rather than personal failure
Using the serenity prayer to change what I can, accept what I cannot, and try to tell the difference
Encouraging myself and giving credit for my successes
Appreciating what is good about my life
Expressing to others what I appreciate

Invest in training and education to feel skilled and valued
Organizing my workspace to be comfortable
Negotiating when possible to make work demands less stressful
Participating with my coworkers to add integrity and value to my work

Emotional regulation/Stress
Meditation or relaxation practice
Partaking of counseling to understand myself better
Using techniques like distress tolerance/self-soothing
Taking prescription medications for emotional/mood states
Taking regular vacations
Regularly asking for support when life gets stressful

Regular prayer
Regular service activities that connect me to a larger purpose
Practicing my faith

Using non-Western healing approaches
Moderating use of alcohol, recreational drugs, or cigarettes
Recovering from life-threatening addictions or behaviors

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