Threads of Scholarship: History and Storytelling in African American Quilts

University Library Permanent Exhibit - May 3, 2001 (for symposium speakers photos, program info and more - please click link above)

“As an artist, I strongly believe art has the capacity to touch the spirit,
engage, educate, and heal in ways that words alone cannot.”

Carolyn L. Mazloomi

"Quilt scholarship remains in its infancy, and many new theories are being developed and tested. As more professional historians and art scholars begin to look at quilts seriously, a clearer understanding of their enormous importance to the story of American life, social history, and artistic achievement is emerging."

Quilts: A Living Tradition, 1992 - Robert Shaw, curator of Shelburne Museum curator from 1981 to 1994

To Those Who Have Travelled This Road Together and To Those Who Continue to Travel Their Road... Thank you for your Art and Scholarship!

 In Memory of and Gratitude To...

Dr. Gladys-Marie Fry, Dr. Raymond Dobard, Eli Leon, Cuesta Benberry...

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