Computer Science 311 Principles of Programming Languages

Fundamental concepts and general principles underlying programming languages and their use as illustrated by Prolog and SCHEME. Syntax: context free and attribute grammers, parse trees. Semantics: parameter passing, variable binding, assertions, verification.

Textbook: The SCHEME Programming Language
R. Kent Dyvbig          The MIT Press
(on-line at

Computer Science Department
University At Albany, State University of New York.

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Online resources on Logic Programming
In particular, we will use SWI Prolog for our logic programming language.
    To invoke the interpreter, use the command "pl".
Sample Questions I (Language/Verification Theory)
Sample Questions II (Functional Programming)
Sample Questions III (Logic Programming)

Some notes and sample SCHEME questions also located in ~csi311/SCHEMEnotes/.

Slides on syntax/semantics topics can be found here.

Slides on SCHEME topics/examples can be found here.

Slides on Prolog topics/examples can be found here.

Useful Utilities

The Pine Users Guide
GSview Postscript Viewer for linux, OS/2 and Windows.
PageDraw for Windows PageDraw for Windows

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