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Hi there! welcome to my homepage! My name is Miley Yao, I am currently a research assistant at PersAI Lab , I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. student in the department of Computer Science, SUNY Albany.

About me

Hi there! This is Miley Yao or 姚梦凡 if you read Chinese :)

A fun fact: the character 梦 in my name means "dream", and 凡 means "ordinary". For real, my mom said before I was born, she dreamed about me having an easy, ordinary life. I sure am still a normal person who is far from extraordinary, but thanks to a few nice coincidences, here I am today, trying my best to get my Ph.D. degree in computer science, aka a relatively less easy life-style than my parents have planned.

But who knows how much I love what I am doing, the research topics I am working on, my hopelessly romantic although almost unrealistic dream that someday the world can be a better place because what I will accomplish..

My research interests are in machine learning, data mining, point processes, and network science. Here is a list of some projects I've worked on and my publications.

But in general, I like finding challenging problems and solving them, analyzing and reasoning, mining associations between things that may appear to be random.

Apart from being a Ph.D. student, I am also an enthusiastic lego builder, a very armature Ukulele and guitar player, an impatient dog mom, a crazy stuffed animal hoarder, and many other things.

If you are still reading, thank you for spending time to get to know me! It was nice e-meeting you:)