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Student experience

Nachowitz Earns National Dissertation Award

Albany, NY (September 9, 2011) – Marc Nachowitz, a doctoral student in Educational Theory and Practice, has been selected to receive a State Farm Companies Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Award.

Marc NachowitzThe State Farm Companies Foundation provides up to three $10,000 awards per year to doctoral students whose dissertation topics focus on improving K-12 public education to meet current and future economic needs. Nachowitz was nominated by his dissertation chair Judith Langer for his dissertation, “Reading for Deep Understanding: Knowledge-Building and Conceptual Artifacts in Secondary English.”

Robert Bangert-Drowns, Dean of the School of Education, endorsed Nachowitz, noting that, “In talking to him, one has the impression of a person who is never done learning, whose study of discourse in education is not just an academic topic but a way of perceiving and thinking.” Bangert-Drowns also remarks that this dissertation study “promises to reveal new insight on the use of technology to support learning discourse and literacy and the role of discourse and literacy in the development of deep understanding.”

Nachowitz received his B.S. and M.A. in English at the University of Connecticut and subsequently taught high school English in urban settings for over a decade. He is currently a doctoral candidate in Curriculum and Instruction and has worked for three years as a research assistant for Distinguished Professors Judith Langer and Arthur Applebee on the National Survey of Writing Instruction. He has presented several papers at national conferences. Upon completion of the program he plans to become faculty at a major university to prepare English Language Arts teachers. He will continue his dissertation research exploring ways to educate students for 21st century literacy skills and deepen their understanding of literature and reading processes. He is also interested in examining how writing can improve learning and mastery of content in subject areas other than English.