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As of Aug. 31, 2011, the University at Albany's total undergraduate enrollment was 12,779 and graduate enrollment was 4,363, for a total student body of 17,142. UAlbany welcomed an incoming class of 2,420 as the class of 2015.

This freshman class, selected from a pool of 21,054 applications, had an average high school GPA of 90. Approximately 18 percent were in the top 10 percent of their high school class, with mid-range SAT scores of 1080-1200.

The University enrolled 161 Presidential and Frederick Douglas Scholars for 2011-12.

Incoming freshmen consisted of 51 percent men and 49 percent women, with more than one-third being students of color. New transfers into UAlbany for 2011-12 totaled 1,403 and consisted of 53 percent male and 47 percent female students.

Approximately 200 freshmen entered the University’s nine new “Living-Learning Communities,” designed to bring like-minded students together for classes and extracurricular activities around a variety of themes. These were: Business, Pre-Health, Healthy Living, Laws and Justice, Women's Leadership, Community Service, Sustainability, Career Exploration, and Military Service.