Elizabeth Gray
She Shares Her Enthusiasm

Elizabeth Gray "has a contagious enthusiasm for learning," says Distinguished Teaching Professor John Delano, and at UAlbany, she found a perfect match for her spirit.

"The range of subjects in my major was incredible and they were often taught to me by national experts," said Gray, a philosophy major. "At UAlbany, I received a great education, with wonderful faculty, made lasting connections and had countless valuable experiences."

Her contagious enthusiasm was evident both in and out of the classroom.

Gray shared her love of learning by serving as co-founder and president of the campus Philosophy Club, and shared her love of UAlbany as one of a select group of Purple and Gold Student Ambassadors.

Student ambassadors are chosen for their ability to represent UAlbany well to visitors and alumni, as well as the campus community. They must be knowledgeable about the many facets of UAlbany, and able to talk comfortably about their experiences. Gray fit the bill perfectly.

Gray's rich array of experiences included UAlbany's Honors College, where she was one of its first students. She particularly relished the academic challenges offered through its classes.

She expanded her worldview through a self-initiated minor in planetary and atmospheric sciences, and research into the mechanics of theropod dinosaurs. Her scholarship earned her the Presidential Award for Undergraduate Research. "She emerged as the leader among the other students," said Delano, who supervised her dinosaur research.

"UAlbany's diversity - in both its programs and its people - was constantly stimulating for me," said Gray, who ultimately selected the combined BA/MA program in philosophy and earned her bachelor's degree in philosophy in May 2008. She was continuing her studies for the master's degree.