8th Annual Women's Studies Student Conference

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Who's Queer? Whose Queer?

December 4, 2009
Humanities 354
University at Albany, SUNY

Conference Program

This year, our annual international student conference aims to broaden conversations between Queer Studies and Women's Studies.

Participants include both graduate and undergraduate students, as well as activists from diverse programs, institutions, and countries, including the U.S., Canada, and Australia.

Conference Mission

Every fall semester, graduate students in the Women's Studies department at the University at Albany organize an annual conference to address topics and themes relating to Women's Studies and feminisms. What first began as a class conference, in which students shared their papers with the public, has now evolved into an international conference. Our goal is to transcend gender, racial, national, and disciplinary borders in this quest for intellectual and activist community.


Conference Highlights

11:30 am - Luncheon

3:30 pm - Film Panel, debuting two independent films.

5:30 pm - Closing Reception

Special Thanks to our student organizers enrolled in WSS 510 (Graduate Orientation Seminar in Women's Studies) this Fall 2009 semester.

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