Mark Weston


The Last Man in Europe: George Orwell in His Own Words

Playwright Mark Weston has created a two-act drama on the life of the English author, piecing together Orwell's prose from his novels, essays, journalism, and letters. Vincent Dowling in The New York Times called the play, "A lovely sort of understated tragedy with humor. . .it brings to focus the figure of the man not just the writer of "1984." The Chester Country Journal called the performance, "a feast for the mind. . .but it has moments of joy, of grief, even of passion."

Mark Weston grew up in Armonk, New York, before be coming a lawyer for ABC television and a journalist for ABC News. His first book, The Land and People of Pakistan (1992) was cited by the National Council for Social Studies in its list of recommended books. He is currently finishing a book of biographies of famous Japanese in history, industry, and culture. Weston wrote "The Last Man in Europe" as a way to expose a wider audience to the work of George Orwell.