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Visiting Writers Series
Spring 1998

Times & Locations Vary
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Authors Theatre
Side Man by Warren Leight
Reading and demonstration by Mary Gallagher
The Talk by Frank Pugliese
A Question of Mercy by David Rabe (with commentary by Richard Selzer)

January 26
February 2
February 9
February 12
Sharon Olds
Poet and author of Satan Says, The Dead and the Living, The Gold Cell, The Father and The Wellspring
January 29
James McBride
African-American journalist and jazz musician, author of the best-selling biography of his Jewish mother, The Color of Water
February 17
Shakespeare at the Globe with David Scott Kastan
Video/Discussion on the construction on the newly opened Globe Theatre and differences from the original (1599-1642) in London, England
February 18
Allen Fisher
British poet, publisher and painter.
February 20
David Sedaris
Humorist and commentator on National Public Radio's Morning Edition, author of Barrel Fever, Naked, and The Santa Land Diaries
February 26
An Offer She Couldn't Refuse by Forrest Stone
A new play based on John Ford's 'Tis Pity She's a Whore as well as Shakespeare's misidentity plays. This comedy, with original music, presents two star-crossed lovers whose union is threatened. (NOTE: This event is not free of charge.)
February 27-28
March l, 4-7
Second Generation Holocaust Perspectives
Panel Discussion and Readings
Alan Berger (Commentator), Julie Salamon, Melvin Bukiet, Thane Rosenbaum
March 5
Paul Muldoon
Winner of the Irish Times 1997 Irish Literature Prize for Poetry and author of New Weather, Why Brownlee Left, Meeting the British, Madoc: A Mystery, The Annals of Chile, New Selected Poems 1968-1994, and Kerry Slides
Hosted by Writer-in-Residence John Montague
March 12
New York State Author/State Poet Awards
Congratulations to newly named awardees:
James Salter, NY State Author & Sharon Olds, NY State Poet
Robert Pinsky, 39th United States Poet Laureate, 1997
Prize-winning poet, essayist, author of The Figured Wheel: New and Collected Poems and translator of Dante's The Inferno and Poetry Editor of weekly Internet magazine Slate
March 25
Timothy O'Grady
Author of I Could Read the Sky and Motherland
March 31
Joanne Koch
Playwright and screenwriter, presents an afternoon seminar on Adapting Literature to the Screen
April 2
Chinua Achebe
One of Africa's most influential and widely published authors; Nigerian novelist and essayist, author of Things Fall Apart, A Man of the People and Anthills of the Savannah
April 7
Steven Pinker
One of the world's leading cognitive scientists, author of The Language Instinct and How the Mind Works
April 16
William Herrick
Novelist, author of ten novels including the award-winning Hermanos! (1969), based on his experiences in the Spanish Civil War, That's Life (1984), and Bradovich (1990) and his new autobiography Jumping the Line (1998)
April 21

Kaye Gibbons
Novelist, author of six novels predominantly set in rural Southern communities which include: Ellen Foster, A Virtuous Woman, A Cure for Dreams, Charms for the Easy Life, and Sights Unseen and the forthcoming On the Occasion of My Last Afternoon
April 23
Studs Terkel
Broadcaster and author who has crossed the country for over two decades interviewing the American people on such topics as the Great Depression, World War II, and their jobs. His intimate portraits include: My American Century, Division Street, Hard Times, Working, The Good War, The Great Divide, and RACE
May 5