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Introductions and Q&A Facilitators

Yves Rousseau

Film critic and historian Yves Rousseau teaches film and media studies at Laval University (Quebec City), Universite du Quebec (Chicoutimi), and College Francois-Xavier-Garneau (Quebec City). He served as script doctor for the 2001 film, "The Three Madeleines" ("Les fantomes des trois Madeleines"), which was selected for inclusion in the Directors' Fortnight at the Cannes International Film Festival (2000). Rousseau is also co-founder and director of "Images du Nouveau Monde," an anual Pan-American film and new new media festival in Quebec City.

Robert Morin

Along with "Yes Sir! Madame.. ." Robert Morin directed other feature-length films which include "Requiem pour un beau sans couer" (1992), "Windigo" (1994), and "Quiconque meurt, meurt a douleur" (video, 1998). The Quebec Association of Film Critics named "Quiconque meurt" the "Best Feature Film of 1998."

Philippe Falardeau

The director of "La Moitie Gauche Du Frigo," Philippe Falardeau became established in the film industry after participating in a filmmaking competition on Quebec television, "Course Destination Monde," for which he made 20 short films, ultimately taking first prize. Falardeau worked as co-screenwriter and assistant director on "Le sort de l'Amerique" (1996), a documentary about the British conquest of Canada. He also directed "Pate Chinois" (1997), a humorous chronicle of Asian immigration into Canada.

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