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Walter Isaacson
Walter Isaacson

Former Chairman & CEO of CNN and Biographer

NYS Writers Institute, April 16, 2007
4:15 p.m. Seminar | Recital Hall, PAC, Uptown Campus
8:00 p.m. Reading | Page Hall, 135 Western Ave., Downtown Campus




Walter Isaacson, bestselling biographer and former news media executive, is the author of "Einstein: His Life and Universe" (2007), a fresh new glimpse of the physicist's private life based on a newly-released trove of unpublished personal letters. Isaacson presents Einstein as a free-willed, and often impertinent individual whose genius sprang, in large measure, from his rebellious nature. Isaacson also succeeds in explaining--without equations--for the general reader Einstein's paradigm-shattering research.


"Isaacson focuses more on Einstein the man: charismatic and passionate, often careless about personal affairs; outspoken and unapologetic about his belief that no one should have to give up personal freedoms to support a state. Fifty years after his death, Isaacson reminds us why Einstein (1879-1955) remains one of the most celebrated figures of the 20th century." - "Publishers Weekly" (starred review)

"With an effortless style that belies a sharp attention to detail and scientific accuracy, Isaacson takes us on a soaring journey through the life, mind, and science of the man who changed our view of the universe." - physicist/author Brian Greene

Einstein by Walter IsaacsonIsaacson is also the author of "Benjamin Franklin: An American Life" (2003).

"The most readable full-length Franklin biography available." - "Washington Post"

"a prime candidate for the authoritative Franklin [biography] of our time." - historian Joseph Ellis (in the "New York Times")

Isaacson's other books include "Kissinger: A Biography" (1992), and "The Wise Men: Six Friends and the World They Made" (1987), winner of the Harry Truman Book Prize. He is also author of the foreword to a new edition of Benjamin Franklin's "The Way to Wealth and Other Writings on Finance" (2006).

isaacson_walter-franklin.gif - 6976 BytesA key player in the American media business in recent years, Isaacson is former chairman and CEO of CNN, and former managing editor of "TIME." During Isaacson's editorship, Albert Einstein was named that magazine's "Person of theCentury" for the year 2000. In 2007, Isaacson became a columnist for "TIME" on international affairs.

A native of New Orleans, Louisiana, Isaacson was appointed vice chairman of the Louisiana Recovery Authority by Governor Kathleen Blanco following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. He also serves as Chairman of the Board of Teach for America.

"I only hope my book can bring alive Albert Einstein the way [William] Kennedy has brought alive his many characters and his city of Albany.” - Walter Isaacson, Sunday Gazette (4/15/07)

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