Allen Fisher

February 20, 1998 (Friday)
12:00-l:30 p.m. Open Seminar, Humanities 354

Allen Fisher is a poet, painter, publisher, editor, and art historian, who has been enormously influential on the younger generation of UK poets. Anthologized in the major British anthologies, Fisher is the author of 114 chapbooks and books. He currently edits Spanner, lives in Hereford, and is Head of Art at the Roehampton Institute London. Among his many books are Thomas Net's Tree-Birst (1970), Place (various books 1974-1981), The Apocalyptic Sonnets (1978), Poetry for Schools (1980), Blood Bone Brain (1982), Ideas on the Culture Dreamed Of (1982), Unpolished Mirrors (1985), Brixton Fractals (1985), Buzzards and Bees (1987), Civic Crime (1990), Fish Jet (1997).

Fisher's varied works, writes Robert Sheppard, "represent the most serious and extensive attempt to register late-twentieth-century realities at the level of both form and content in British poetry today."