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NYS Writers Institute, Tuesday, October 3, 2000
8:00 p.m. Reading | Recital Hall, Performing Arts Center, Uptown Campus

Barbara Chepaitis
is the author most recently of her first novel Feeding Christine (2000, Bantam Books) which explores the powerful camaraderie shared by four women as they blend time, patience, love and food to cultivate their friendships and soothe the Feeding Christinesoul. It's a story about four exceptional women as they prepare food together for a Christmas party. One of the women, Christine, troubled by the state of her personal life, arrives with a gun in her purse and threatens to kill herself. The others tie her up and attempt to heal her with a mixture of love, advice and food.

Also a science fiction writer, Barbara Chepaitis (writing as B.A. Chepaitis) is the author of the cyberpunk suspense novels The Fear Principle, The Fear of God, and Learning Fear, all of which are set in the "Planetoid prison system" in a post-apocalytpic society and features Jaguar Addams, a woman who rehabilitates killers by telepathically tapping into their subconscious fears.

Chepaitis, received her doctorate in the writing program at the University of Albany where she currently teaches. She is past fiction editor of the feminist journal Thirteenth Moon, and director of a local storytelling group, The Snickering Witches. Chepaitis is also recipient of an AWP award for her short fiction and has published short fiction and poetry in a variety of journals. Her current projects include editing the next two novels in the "Fear" series, and two screenplays: one based on The Fear Principal and another based on Feeding Christine.

"Memory, tradition and family are the ingredients for a tale about how food can save the soul. . .Four likeable women and an unusual plot that lets readers know them. A fine debut." - Kirkus Reviews

Other Books:

The Fear of God The Fear PrincipleLearning Fear

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