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NYS Writers Institute,
October 10, 1986
8:00 p.m. Reading | Assembly Hall, Campus Center

Nichole Brossard
is one of the most respected figures in contemporary Quebecois literature. Since her first book, Aube a la saison came out in 1965, she has published numerous poetry volumes. Several volumes have been translated into English including Daydream Mechanics (Mecanique jongleus), which won the Governor General Award in poetry in 1974, Lovhers (Amantes) and Sous la langue/Under Tongue, a bilingual edition. Her collected poems, Double Impression, also won the Governor General Award in poetry in 1985.

Brossards' fiction includes These Our Mothers (1983), French Kiss (1986), Surfaces of Sense (1989), Picture Theory (1991) and Mauve Desert (1990). An experimental writer, her work is widely represented in anthologies and periodicals in both Canada and the United States. Her early work deviated from traditional syntax and semantics, challenging readers through experimentation with punctuation, spacing and typography. Beginning in the mid-1970's Brossard's poetry collection and novels assumed a strongly feminist and lesbian orientation. She is also know for her active involvement in the preparation of influential literary and feminist publications, film and conferences.

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