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Writers Institute Joins Facebook

Blogging.  Posting. Tweeting.  Texting. When the Writers Institute was founded in 1984, these now common phrases and modes of communication had not yet entered the vocabulary of even the most experimental of poets and imaginative of fiction writers.  Even e-mail did not hit the scene until 1994!

From our inception, our mission has been to bring writers and readers together—physically sharing space and time, ideas and conversation. Promoting the literary arts through readings, workshops and seminars is still at the heart of what the NYSWI is all about.  While never falling out of love with the physical printed page, or face-to-face conversations with writers, we have managed to keep up with the advances of technology to help us build a literary community—through our website, audio/video archive, blog, and now, at long last, a presence on Facebook and Twitter.  Each of these technologies allows us to more swiftly and widely share the bounty of contemporary writing.

Even if you aren’t able to attend all of our events, you can still “participate” in Institute activities by joining us on Facebook. You’ll receive reminders of events, articles on our visiting writers, photos and transcripts from writer visits, and news items from the literary community and the general media. Join us on Facebook and stay connected to books, writers, and readers.

But booklovers, have no fear. In the end, we are an office of bookworms. The offices of the New York State Writers Institute are proudly and happily bursting with printed matter in all shapes and sizes: galleys, hardcover novels, elegant volumes of poetry, and the “wall of fame”—framed and signed broadside posters announcing the writers who have participated in Institute programs since its founding. We will continue to promote the physical book and present authors, live and in person, as well as make use of the latest technologies to expand our “virtual” writers’ community.