M.A. Final Project

Students in their final semester of graduate studies are required to complete what's known as the Final Project, for which they must enroll in WSS 690 (3-4 credits). In the previous semester, students ideally begin preparation and research for their final project, which may include their enrollment in WSS 689 (Master's Project Proposal Writing).

The Final Project is an opportunity for students to apply what they have learned in their degree program by completing a project based on original research. This project is an application and integration of feminist theory and practice, which also demonstrates in its research an analysis of the intersections of gender, race, class, sexuality, and nationality.

Students also have four options in the way that they develop this Final Project. No one option is easier than another since all of the options require the same level of research, the same time commitment, and the same comprehension of research questions and methods that will prove the most useful in shaping and completing the project. Students should choose their project options based on their own knowledge strengths and individual expertise.

The Graduate Director will help students identify research topics for the Final Project, as well as help them identify potential faculty with whom they could work on this project.